With the Petrosight Platform, we move beyond the cost and complexity of traditional digital solutions for wellsite operations reporting and eliminate the challenges working with Excel.

Ease of Entry

Cloud-based solution anytime, anywhere

  • Secure web-browser access from any device
  • Unlimited users with no license seat restrictions
  • Designate user profiles to those who need it when they need it
  • Create partner profiles to provide customized access to partners outside your organization

Streamline Your Data

Direct imports and efficient access to data streams

  • Eliminate manual entry, save time and ensure accuracy with direct imports of Electronic Tour Sheets
  • Reduce cost discrepancies with integrations between AFE applications
  • Provide immediate access to users and partners with electronic file sharing and storage
  • Eliminate emailed reports with real-time access to reporting

Flexible Reporting

Standardized reports with the freedom to customize

  • Record and report the full history of a well in one place, from survey to reclamation
  • Access and view multi-well analytics
  • Create custom analytics reports and dashboards for viewing within your internal network
  • Share pre-formatted PDF and Excel reports externally with partners, regulatory bodies and third parties

Your Own Data Warehouse

Secured client data warehouse

  • House data in your own data warehouse to create custom analytics reports and dashboards within your own business applications
  • Easily integrate data with existing programs, platforms and systems
  • Nightly updates keep your warehouse current

Works with Existing Applications

Application integrations

  • Integrate AFE Navigator cost estimates and field costs into Petrosight modules
  • Energy Success Platform (ESP) and Microtan’s Generwell use Petrosight’s custom APIs to transfer real-time well reporting information into their Well Management Software.
  • Import daily IADC or CAODC tour sheets from your EDR provider
  • Easily connect Petrosight’s data warehouse to Spotfire, Tableau or Microsoft Power BI
  • Excel remains an easy option for custom reporting
  • Generate custom APIs for integration with other service providers

Customized Pricing with No Surprises

Flexible pricing and free trial

  • Customized cost model fits your budget with a fixed yearly database management fee and a per-day cost that scales with your activity
  • Subscription service that is managed for you and requires no IT resources
  • Robust security with no-charge updates
  • Free trial for rapid readiness – we’ll get you up and running in as little as 20 minutes.

Manage your operations, not your reporting software.