Learn from your past, capture your present to predict your future production possibilities.

Well Life Cycle Reporting 

Capture and analyze data in four modules from survey to reclamation. Each module includes

  • Usable consistent layout from module to module
  • Logical presentation of data specific to each module
  • And it’s all available from an intuitive easy to use menu

The Drilling Module

Use the Drilling Module to quickly retrieve

  • Drilling cost reports (Event costs)
  • Construction reports
  • Drilling data
    • Summary
    • Daily report
    • Mud and rentals inventory
    • Additional reports (bit record, drill curve, time logs, etc.)
    • Casing and cementing
    • Files
  • Import your tour sheet and quickly retrieve daily reports.

The Completions Module

Browse the Completions Module to review your:

  • Completion cost reports (Event costs)
  • Summary
  • Daily report
  • Rentals inventory
  • Additional reports (wellbore profile, tubing, rod, stimulation, fluids, perforations and abandonment, etc.)
  • Files

The Facilities and Pipelines Module

See your facilities and pipelines data compiled in one application, one place.

  • Facilities and Pipelines cost reports (Event costs)
  • Summary
  • Daily report
  • Equipment reports
  • Files

The Environmental and Reclamation Module

Stay on top of your environmental and reclamation activities with:

  • Environmental cost reports (Event costs)
  • Summary
  • Daily report
  • Files

Manage your operations, not your reporting software.